The Three Main Food Storage Systems

There are numerous ways to store your food and ingredients in your home. These can further be broken down into other categories or terms. For example there is short term food storage for leftovers or sandwiches, there is bulk containers for things like flour or sugar that you generally purchase in large quantities, and there are is long term systems for storing foodstuffs for longer periods of time. In this article we will go over these three systems.

Using Glass Or Plastic Storage Containers

glass food storage containersFirstly, there is the regular old storage for general use. If you make a sandwich and want to set it aside for later, you would place it in a plastic bag like a zip-lock or other package and put it in the fridge. This is short term. Other solutions include simply wrapping the item in plastic wrap or even wax paper. Tin foil is another package that you can use to store food. Of course for some things like baked goods or leftovers a more desirable storage device would be something like glass food storage containers. You can get a decent look at them by clicking the link provided and visiting my lens.

When To Use Bulk Food Storage Buckets

food storage bucketSecond, we have medium term food storage and bulk food storage. This is for things we mentioned previously like ingredients (flour and sugar) and for perhaps large amounts of gravy or soup. Plastic food grade containers like food grade buckets would be ideal for this kind of thing. I have a lens on those as well, so check it out! You can get these from all kinds of places like restaurants and even walmart. Of course Amazon has great prices on them, so as I said, if you are looking for some food grade buckets do visit my lens and see for yourself.

Proper Time To Use Mylar Bags For Storing Food

mylar bag for food storageFinally, there is long term food storage systems. This is for stuff you want to save for a relatively long time and thus must be protected from the elements. Air, water, dust and pests all qualify as contaminents that must not get into your food. The best thing for this is putting your items into Mylar food storage bags. Mylar is impervious to most of those things we mentioned, except for some pests like mice. In the event you need to protect against those rodents, after placing your food in mylar bags you can then place them into plastic containers or something similar. Of course I do have a lens on Mylar food storage bags as well.

So, there is the three main ways of storing food. There are lots of other containers, from wood to steel that can be used. You don’t need to use all of them, but just remember the option is out there.