Rollaway Beds – Basic Assembly

Many questions often arise on the basic assembly of rollaway beds. Aside from a few sites dealing with folding beds directly, there is very little information on them. So I would like to take this opportunity to go over a few frequently asked questions and answers concerning the basic assembly of any rollaway bed.

Question: Are rollaway beds easily assembled, if any assembly is required?

Answer: Most rollaway beds are very simple and easy to assemble and can be put together in less than 10 minutes, without the use of any tools. No mechanical skills are required to assemble a folding bed.

Question: How fast can the bed be assembled?

Answer: Most rollaway beds can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. For For most beds it’s just a matter of removing them from the box and then attaching the casters. Your rollaway bed is then ready to use.

Question: Will i need instructions on how to fold and unfold my rollaway bed?

Answer: Most rollaway beds come with simple instructions on how to fold an unfold as well as assembling the bed . Many of the beds are very easy to unfold, as all you do is open the buckle or strap and lay the bed down, then when you are finished using the bed you just fold it back up and re-buckle it. Your bed is now ready to be stored away for the next guest.

Question: Will my rollaway bed scratch the flooring?

Answer: Rollaway beds come with wheels or casters. These wheels or casters come in many sizes with various types to choose from. If for instance your bed will be used mainly on wood floors, then choose a bed that comes with polyurethane casters. This type of caster will not mark or scratch any hardwood floors. The polyurethane caster is also a good choice if you have carpet as well as hardwood, as this type of caster can be used on either. If your rollaway bed will be used on hardwood and ceramic tile, the non marking , gray, soft rubber caster would be an excellent choice for you.