Travel Trailer Construction – What You Should Know About Used Travel Trailers

The modern travel trailer, new or used, is a spectacular beast, some of the newer models sporting the latest in design trends and space-age materials. And because of better construction methods, travel trailers have a longer life and can travel further, through harsher weather and terrain, without suffering substantial damage. Lets have a look at the build process for an average RV. It may give you an insight into how your friend functions and how best to deal with it when it doesn’t. Wide variations in price mean wide variations in quality of materials, so its worth checking. And if you are looking for information on new or used travel trailers for sale or rent then visit

The majority of frames are steel constructions. Steel is strong and tough and makes for an effective backbone for the beast. It will most likely be either welded or riveted. If the metal has been treated or coated in some way it will, of course, last even longer. It’s worth checking with the seller if this is the case to gauge it’s strength.

Wood or metal is the usual choice for walls, floors and ceilings to fill out the frame. But check the quality of the wood when you’re purchasing. The more expensive the vehicle, the more likely a tougher wood has been used. You get what you pay for, and cheaper wood on a cheaper model means a weaker build (though still good enough for many years of reliable service). Of course any wood can rot, so be careful to avoid water getting in between wood joints or where the wood meets the steel frame.

In fact checking that doors and windows will not let in any moisture is always important. Again, more expensive models will have better fitting techniques, otherwise you need to check seals regularly. A good RV will have excellent insulation too in the wall cavity. Important in cold conditions. Polystyrene and fibreglass are common techniques, and both good.

And do your homework on the construction and electrics too. Check that cabinets and furniture are of solid, strong material and that all wires are where they should be. They are usually wired the same time as they are insulated, so if you see wires or insulation poking out anywhere, beware.