EdgeStar Portable Ice Makers

I can honestly say I love my EdgeStar portable ice maker, but there are some faults about it. I have taken my ice maker onto my boat before, and it turns out that it actually counts as an extra person on board. It didn’t really cause a problem for me, but it is kind of a bummer considering the machine is supposedly portable, and is to large for a boat. Of course that is an attempt at a joke :) . On the Pro side though the machine is reliable, durable, and works fast. Even though my EdgeStar ice maker makes ice within twelve minutes, the first batch of ice was soft and melted almost instantly after made. After it was remade though, it was solid enough for my beverage. This happened similarly when I attempted to make large ice. The large ice looked the same as the little ice, but when I attempted to make large ice again it did get larger. The ice i used had no taste which was good, and what else was good was that it was quiet. That is until it ran out of water when my EdgeStar portable ice maker made a horrible rattling noise. On the bright side i just refilled the ice maker with filtered water, and reset the machine and it once again began to work properly. I love my ice maker, and all in all there is more pros to the ice made then cons to the machine.

Reading Ice Maker Reviews Before Buying Saves Money

Before I bought my Edge Star portable stainless steel ice maker with digital display, i read some reviews on the product from Ice Maker Mania. It turns out that some of the peoples ice maker broke down within just a couple of days, or months of having it. My portable ice maker hasn’t broken down yet though, and I have had mine for almost 5 months. I know that one person just called the company for a new ice maker though, and they returned their old one. In less than a week of them returning their broken ice maker the person was sent back a new one which seemed to have worked. Also the shipping was paid for them too, but since when buying the product you do have to pay shipping both ways I feel that should be included. Personally i think a customer should definitely be treated with such respect this company provided, and i think that it is appropriate of them to give refunds, or exchange the ice maker for a new one. Someone noticed that the ice maker could have been better wrapped before sent to the user, and i completely agree with this opinion.

My ice maker has a one year warranty, and to avoid damaging through shipping the ice maker should be packaged more securely. When reading through a different review i noticed that somebodies ice maker smelt strongly of metal, and the scent lingered for many days, affecting the taste of the ice that was made. As mentioned previously my ice had no taste, and i don’t recall any gross metal scents. There were other complaints of the scent from other people to though, yet some people, like me, didn’t have any odours coming from their ice maker. It all depends on the one you get, but it just so happens that you can clean your EdgeStar portable ice maker anyways. I cleaned my ice maker right away before use, and then covered it with juice from a lemon because i read somewhere that doing so prevents rust, and does a better job of disinfecting the product. My ice maker was clean, and ready to use right away, so i was obviously more lucky then others.

So to wrap everything up, i love my EdgeStar Portable ice maker. It works great, looks great, and provides me with more ice in less time just like it should. Just like everything in this world it has its cons, but over all the pros out weigh the cons making this product perfect for me, and probably others as well.