Bathroom And Toilet Storage Decor

bathroom and toilet storageIf you are thinking that bathrooms are unimportant to show off, and therefore don’t need any decorations at all, then you need to think again. Bathrooms are very busy, if you have friends over, or a large family then it is likely to be used almost the most in your entire house. Bathrooms are used for many things, like baths, showers, shaving etc. How can you expect to go for a nice and relaxing warm bath in a room that doesn’t appear  attractive or is crowded? So, what makes a bathroom attractive you might be wondering? I can help give tips on bathroom decor to make it so you have the most attractive bathroom around.

To make the bathroom attractive, unique, and comfortable, catchy wallpaper and flooring is in order. To  pull together the perfect room colors have too match. Tiles look good in a bathroom, but the wallpaper should match. Shower curtains are necessary in a bathroom. Try to look for something that isn’t exactly like the wall and floor, but similar enough that it adds a sort of theme to the room. Wall decorations, like cabinets, shelves, racks, over the toilet storage and pictures also add an extraordinary look. So, what else? Bathroom rugs, curtain (if there is a window) , lighting, mirrors, and toilet covers would definitely set up that cozy bathroom we are going for.

Not all bathrooms are very big, so if a medicine cabinet doesn’t fit don’t get to stressed out. Razor and toothbrush holders would suffice, along with small forms of shelving. A counter sink and cabinet mirror not only looks good, but offers extra storage in case you have a crowded bathroom. As mentioned, over the toilet storage shelves or cabinets are also a great answer to the storage issues in your bathroom.

Anyways, back on the topic of colors. Here are some examples of colors that flow greatly together, with some other furniture and wall decor to go with it.

1. a beige painted wall with a faint pink tiled flooring would look great in a bathroom. A normal white porcelain bathtub/shower and toilet are suitable, maybe with a darker chocolate brown or espresso over the toilet storage cabinet to suit the same colored shower and window curtains. Marbled counters are usually the best if you are going for a countered sink, but if not a porcelain sink will once again suffice.

2. Linoleum flooring with a matching wall is another perfect start to a stylish bathroom. This time wall decorations like the common “home sweet home” picture would look great, but clocks also are good so you can keep track of time when taking long baths. White, and red are nice color combinations, as long as you can find the right shower curtain to go with it.

3. As a last suggestion go with the same type of flooring, tile or linoleum, but try a matching textured wallpaper design to go with it. Depending on the size of your bathroom decides whether you can fit a large medicine cabinet or not. Like always the matching shower curtain, but if you want to really live in comfort maybe try dimming lights, or color changing shower heads. With a color changing shower head your room should be in the same general colors as the lights: green, red, yellow, blue, and white.

Hopefully you now have some great ideas to decorate your bathroom. Remember to feel comfortable in your new attractive and hopefully unique bathroom.